Associations & Non Profits

Did the Internet steal your members? Fight Back!

Membership and non-profit groups have faced a significant challenge since the early days of the web: individuals can too easily find answers and resources they seek online so they don’t need to join the association. Technology created this challenge for associations, and it can help solve it.

One way to stay relevant to current and potential members is to have a solid technology plan in place that supports communications, membership and financial management and overall infrastructural requirements.

At Vantage Point, we have deep expertise managing and installing technology for associations, and we know that many of the pre-packaged association software applications don’t always live up to expectations out of the box. With a little modification, we can make these applications work better. But most importantly, our track record of software development, deployment and network integration has given our association clients the foundation they need to create new services and fulfill member needs.

Is your association or non-profit organization looking for ways to enhance membership value? We get IT so, let’s talk tech.

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We’ve seen technology hold firms back – don’t let this happen to you!