NetAssurance Process

At Vantage Point, we take the time to understand your business from a technology standpoint so that we can create a custom solution using best-in-class tools and technologies that are best fit for your business. Technology is not “one size fits all” and best practices for another company may not be the best practice for you.

We want your business to succeed in, business and technologically speaking. So, at Vantage Point, we make sure that we follow a process that allows for success to happen. The NetAssurance philosophy is “the right solution, using the right technology, for the right client.” This method is our approach to assure that we develop the best IT solution for your needs.

How does it work?

The NetAssurance methodology involves five (5) steps to ensure your business is receiving the best IT solution for its needs. To view the full version of our NetAssurance Proven Process, click here.


discoveryDuring the Discovery stage, we create a baseline of the Client’s existing IT infrastructure, risks, vulnerabilities, assets, user configurations and activity using a network detective. We ask various questions regarding the state of the Client’s technology as well as questions about your business processes and goals. The more information provided at this stage, the more comprehensive the solution can be. At this stage, we are essentially creating an IT SWOT analysis and determining what matters most to your business.


puzzleThe goal of this step is to develop a plan of action to resolve the issues that were uncovered in the Discovery stage. At this step, we are determining the best solution to resolve the Weakness and Threats discovered in the IT SWOT analysis. The remediation plan is critical to our ability to provide you with reliable working systems.


discussionThe relationship stage is critical to our NetAssurance process. At VPSG, we build strong relationships with our Client’s through mutual trust, understanding, and communication. We want our Clients to trust and understand our expertise in the IT field. And we want to understand the Client’s line of business and needs in order to best develop a road map for them.


mapThe road map stage encompasses the Client’s business goals and needs and the remediation plan to create a road map to success. This road map covers short and long term goals and designates items that require attention. Our NetAssurance philosophy is to provide the “right solution, using the right technology, for the right Client” – this road map and the previous steps allow us to do so.


Throughout the relationship, we aim to provide stellar service on a daily basis. By working under our best practices and living by our Core Values, we are able to provide our Client’s with superior customer service.

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