Apple Critical Security Update

Apple has released an update containing numerous patches for all their systems, including macOS, iPhone, iPad and even the iWatch.

These patches address some serious flaws that can allow an attacker to bypass many of Apple’s core security systems, to crash systems and even potentially gain control of a compromised system. Unpatched, these flaws put Mac and iPhone users at great risk.

Two new things in iOS14.5 for your mobile device:

  1. You can now unlock your iPhone when wearing a mask by using iWatch.
  2. This update also turns on the security feature that has been in the news lately, called App Tracking Transparency. This update will require apps to request the ability to track you across websites and other apps. This means that apps now will need to specifically request your permission to access things like Health info, Photos, etc as well as info from other applications. Many apps have previously used this tracking without asking permission. For example, you find strangely accurate targeted ads show up in your Facebook feed after your web search for a similar item.

We recommend you install this available update on ALL your Apple devices as soon as possible.

For more info you can check the Apple security update web site.

If you have questions about how to update your corporate owned MAC, iPhone or iPad, please reach out to the help desk.