If You Have An iPhone, Install The Latest Security Update Immediately


If you have an iPhone, you need to update your iPhone iOS immediately!

Apple recently released a new iOS version 9.3.5 and it is critical that you update your phone. This update addresses urgent security vulnerabilities that allow devices to be hacked remotely.

Install the update on your phone by going to Settings > General > Software Update

This vulnerability allows a phone to be ‘jailbroken’ if a user clicks on a link that gives the attacker full control over the phone and its information. This includes email, banking info, Facebook messages, contacts etc. The device is basically wide open.

The link comes from a malicious text message or email, so please be extra careful of any links received from someone with whom you are not familiar. This malware is called Pegasus and this marks the first time that malicious links like this with these targets has been seen in the “wild.”

The newest iOS addresses this issue so you should install immediately.