Vantage Point to Partner with Lenovo as Computer Equipment Provider

Salisbury, MD – Vantage Point Solutions Group, LLC, Your Technology Partner, announced today that as of October 1, 2013, they are partnering with Lenovo for desktop, laptop and tablet sales.

In a survey of 300 Enterprise IT departments, Lenovo Thinkpad laptops and ThinkCentre PC’s had a lower failure rate than their industry counterparts. The most likely reason is that Lenovo is focused on providing the highest quality components and manufacturing processes in their PCs and laptops. They contribute a significant amount of capital and resources into designing, innovating, manufacturing and supporting those focused products. Lenovo does not have the distraction that comes from a wide product line which precludes them from loss of focus that other manufacturers may encounter. Lenovo products are readily available from numerous North American distributors which allow resellers to quickly locate and procure the specific product that will meet the unique needs of each client.

Vantage Point trusts that by partnering with Lenovo, it will enable their clients to leverage the unique innovations that Lenovo has brought to the marketplace. The quality of the components, coupled with the manufacturer support resources, allows Vantage Point to enhance the reliability of supported networks. “Lenovo has made the procurement process simple and easy; and this allows us to streamline our process and serve our customers’ needs faster than we have been able to in the past. We are very excited about this partnership and are already seeing the benefit,” says Scott Samborn, Chief Business Development Officer at Vantage Point Solutions Group.