Vantage Point’s Chief Business Development Officer Scott Samborn speaks on the Future of Healthcare IT

Scott Samborn, Chief Business Development Officer at Vantage Point Solutions Group, gave a presentation on the Future of Healthcare IT at the Eastern Shore Medical Group Managers Association’s Fall conference in Salisbury, MD.

Scott discussed how regulation is forcing doctors to make changes within their practices. In many instances, having a strong technology foundation will help these practices create a positive and meaningful impact on the delivery of care. He addressed how ‘Meaningful Use’ and HIPAA and the required adoption and use of EHR/EMR systems, are the foundation of the new reliance on technology. Furthermore, these trends continue to manifest an increase in the use of Mobile and Social apps, and driving overall technology penetration throughout our modern-day lives.

Three main takeaways from this presentation are:

1. Mobile and Social solutions are coming to health care and will be BIG
2. The iPhone, and similar mobile devices, are a tremendous current and potential tool for use in healthcare.
3. Both younger and older generations are already using their smartphones for tracking and monitoring their health. It’s time for the providers and the provider apps to catch up.