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Day-to-day IT support is critical to employee productivity and effectiveness, but it doesn’t always get accounted for in a 30,000-foot view of a business. How can you translate your vision into a strategy that makes sense for your business?

Vantage Point’s vCIO service helps you both develop the “Big Picture” strategy and the tactical plans for your unique needs. And we’re not just talking about right-sizing hardware inventory or software update schedules.

As your Virtual Chief Information Officer, we help you create and manage your technology budget, determine the right mix of technology for your business, help you minimize technology risks, and fulfill the duties you would expect of any other member of your management team.

We help organizations of all sizes use technology to manage a wide range of issues. Below are just two examples of the types of issues we consider as part of a sound business IT strategy.

Legal Compliance

How much is enough when it comes to data privacy and security? Organizations large and small have to wrestle with a myriad of statutes and regulations that spell out compliance requirements. Our team understands your obligations under a wide variety of regulations, including The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, Sarbanes-Oxley and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. More important, we know what breaches can trigger a compliance audit, so we are in an excellent position to apply the right processes to the appropriate technology and offset your risk.

IT Policies

Should staff have unrestricted access to the Internet? What about connecting personal devices to your network (BYOD)? Situations like this result in a lack of control over technology resources, and that leads to an increase in risk, and a potential for liability and damage. At Vantage Point, we have helped many organizations strike the right balance between convenience and risk. And we know what needs to go into a sensible policy.

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