Files On The Go

Files on the GoWhat Is Files On The Go?

Files On The Go is a cloud-based file sharing system.

What are the benefits of using Files On The Go?

  • Access your shared files from anywhere. Access your company’s files from any device with Internet access and from any location. You will be able to access your important business files at home, in the office, or on any mobile device (including Apple’s iOS and Android).
  • Rest assured that your data is safe and encrypted. Enterprise file sharing services, like Files on the Go, have the highest grade of security for cloud platforms. Your documents will be privately encrypted with each business having its own, exclusive encryption key. Vantage Point’s Files on the Go file sharing service, provided by Anchor Works, uses military-grade encryption anywhere your data resides (which includes both in-transit and at-rest on the server).
  • What happens when someone leaves my organization? If you need to remove access to your file sharing services for someone, our solution allows you to perform remote wipes for desktops for clients, former employees and rogue employees. This feature gives your business complete control of your private data.
  • Need multiple folders for your information? No problem. For important businesses like yours, with lots of clients and lots of data, Files On The Go allows for multiple folders – so you can have a folder for each of your clients or departments.
  • Does my important data get backed up? Yes! All of your folders and files are backed up, in revisions. You can store revisions of the same file with Files On The Go. This makes document collaboration between coworkers worry-free.
  • Need to grant access to a guest for a specific file or folder? Not a problem with Files On The Go. You can allow guests to upload files, view and share files in a specific folder or for a specific file.

Why should my business use it?

People nowadays are using desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones interchangeably – sometimes simultaneously! By using a secure file sharing service, such as Files On The Go, your users would be able to securely sync their files across all the devices for a truly efficient document management solution. They can work on-the-go effortlessly … on the bus, on the subway, on the plane, in the car. File Sharing also comes in handy when working with documents that are worked on and updated by multiple employees. Keeping the most current version uploaded in the file sharing service, all users will be able to access it.

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