Foulger Pratt: Taming the IT Monster

Location: Rockville, MD
Industry: Construction Management
Number of Employees: 300+
Services provided by Vantage Point: Help Desk, IT Project Management, System Engineering

The Challenge

From an IT perspective, growing a company looks something like this: servers, laptops and peripheral devices purchased over time creating a disarray of platforms, operating systems and applications. Growth like this is usually accompanied by a slowdown in network performance, a patchwork of security solutions, and the unnecessarily high cost of system maintenance.

This was the case with Foulger Pratt, a development, construction, and property management company. As its number of staff neared 300, its mixed IT infrastructure had become a burden. There were not enough in-house IT staff to keep up with maintenance demands, and whenever the network at headquarters went down, all remote sites were also affected.

The Solution

Realizing the unsustainability of this situation, the company brought in Vantage Point Solutions Group to assess its technology and suggest a way forward. Vantage Point first standardized platforms and applications. This move allowed Foulger Pratt to take advantage of volume discounts on hardware and software purchases, and it reduced the time required to troubleshoot the network and update software.

Next, Vantage Point relocated the firm’s locally-hosted server to a virtual co-location data center. Vantage Point has performed many cloud deployments and knows the benefits of network continuity, even if there is a disruption at one location. This is especially important in Foulger Pratt’s construction division, which begins projects by setting up trailer offices at remote sites. In these cases, Vantage Point deploys a site server that is tied to the data center with a wireless 4G hookup so that file replication, authentication, printing, backup, and other necessary functions occur quickly and cost effectively.

Foulger Pratt’s management was very pleased with the end result. “Vantage Point brings new ideas and the same commitment of an in-house team,” says Toby Cooper, Foulger Pratt’s director of IT. “We expect to recoup our investment and see a substantial return on it within a few years.”

What’s Happening Today

Vantage Point continues to serve as Foulger Pratt’s outsourced provider for help desk, systems engineering, and support, which eliminates the need for internal IT staff.