GBS Partners: Staying Engaged, Even When Remote

Services Provided by Vantage Point: Help Desk, Remote Monitoring

The Challenge

Imagine needing to set up a network, configure hardware, and load specialized software in less than a week, a thousand miles across the country. Now, imagine that you need to do that for more than a dozen offices. Better yet – this network needs to be able to handle important real estate transactions. Sounds time consuming and expensive! This was precisely the problem that GBS Partners was facing.

GBS Partners was ramping up offices across the western and mid-western states to close transactions on foreclosed properties. Further, these properties were insured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which added an additional layer of security concerns to the project. HUD had designated GBS as the firm handling the escrow component of the closings in five states across America. Though the ideal solution would have been to send a technician to each office, it was not practical from a time or financial standpoint.

The Solution

Fortunately, Vantage Point Solutions Group was able to provide remote support and complete the tasks for less money and on a faster timeline than an in-person technician.

Vantage Point, aware of the security necessary and the tight timeline for GBS, developed a creative and effective method to establish a network in each office. Vantage Point staff conducted video conferences with GBS staff, during which they explained computer and peripheral device set-up and delivered training on data storage and security best practices. Vantage Point also consulted on policies and procedures for equipment usage. By the end of the initial setup, GBS had operational networks in all of their facilities that were compliant with HUD’s stringent software, usage, and security requirements.

When the telecom provider changed an IP address which caused the GBS network to go down, Vantage Point was able to provide troubleshooting remotely and bring GBS modems back online within hours.

“It’s important to have your IT support do the basics, like add new users and perform network updates, but the real value is having a firm with the deeper technical skills to solve problems and the interpersonal skills to work with us when limited to remote access,” says Heidi Gillitzer, Executive Vice President. ”Vantage Point really came through on both counts.”

What’s Happening Today

The number of offices have diminished at GBS, however Vantage Point continues to serve as IT provider for the remaining offices and employees.